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Personalized Tutoring With Tutor The People

It is no secret that only exceptional students get into medical school. Apart from passing your undergraduate degree, you must also take up other tests like the MCAT to get accepted into medical schools. Because these tests are meant to sieve the wheat from the chaff, they are not a walk in the park. Personalized tutoring has in the last few years become one of the best ways to prepare and pass your MCAT test. However, most tutoring schools programmes are designed for the entire focus group.

Customized preparation

Sometime back, one medical student co-founded Tutor the People with the aim of making tutoring a personalized venture instead of a group course. Each MCAT test prep on this program is tailor made for individual needs because different people understand things differently. The study plan each student gets is based on their existing knowledge or experience as well as their previous MCAT score. Everything from the study material to the prep tests is tailor-made to meet that individual’s needs.

Free introductory hour

If you are not sure whether you need a tutor or not, Tutor the People gives a free introductory hour with all the packages so you can assess and see if the program will benefit you.  All unused hours are refundable so if you don’t see the need for tutoring you will get a refund.

Improving score

Studying all the material you are given is one thing but applying that knowledge to the actual test is quite another. The tutors help you to prepare for the test so you can get a good score in the long run. Apart from the exceptional tutors, students also get to have a med-student advisor on their team to mentor and advise them on what works and what doesn’t.

Customized scheduling

A lot of effort and time is needed if you are to get the MCAT prep right and ultimately get good results. The tutors at Tutor the People schedule your study time at your convenience and it can either be done online or physically. Depending on how much time you have, you can meet with the tutor daily or a couple times a week.

In this program, you will get prep material from different companies in addition to the official AAMC materials issued from the schools. The program includes a great MCAT guidebook and MCAT test prep as part of the package so you can gauge yourself before applying for the actual test.

If you are worried about payment, Tutor the People has some of the lowest rates in the industry and flexible payment plans so you can pay in installments.

Get personalized tutoring and mentoring from top tutors who scored within the 94th percentile and have mastered the didactic methods of acing the MCAT test. While there are many medical executives and students who apply to be tutors on this program, only 2% of that number actually becomes tutors because of their love to teach and mentor other students effectively.