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Types of Chinese languages

If you consider the geographic location then China is a very wide spread and big country. So there is no doubt that there are many languages that are used in China both spoken and written. The languages are both used in the country within and also in abroad. So when someone says or refers to the term Chinese term then it is vague and also has many varieties. China is a land of many cultures and languages. This land of multitude of languages contains so many languages often many of which are mutually unintelligible. Also learning or knowing about this Chinese language is very much important if you are interested or looking for services that are Chinese interpreting. And it is also important to know about what Chinese language or dialect that you need to interpret or learn.

What are the major verities of Chinese languages that are spoken?

The most commonly used language that is used throughout the world is the spoken Chinese language. Those well-spokenChinese languages that are quite popular throughout the world are the Mandarin language and the Cantonese language. These languages are many times thought to be as different languages. These two languages are part of a Chinese dialect which is part of the Modern Standard Chinese language. They are commonly known as the Guoyo or Putonghua. There are many best primary school Chinese lesson.

The language that is considered as the native spoken language of China is the mandarin language. This language is spoken by two thirds of the inhabitants of the population of China. So this makes this language as the one of the most dominant language that is referred to as the spoken Chinese dialect. When it comes to another spoken language that is the Cantonese language then it is spoken by almost fifty five million people who are the citizens of China. You will find Cantonese speaking people even outside of China. Apart from this two spoken languages of China there are several other languages but those are not as popular as these two.

If you consider the spoken languages of China then this language is divided into five main dialects. Among this five dialects group mandarin is one of them. The other four parts are the Yue, Min, Wu, and Hakka and together they cover almost two thousand separate dialects. The dialect, Yue is the dialect which compromises of the Cantonese spoken language. Among these dialects there are many languages which are spoken throughout the world and there are certain languages that are still confide within the country itself.

Geography is a very important factor for the existing of many such spoken languages in China. If you take an example you will see that most of the people who speak Cantonese are those people who are mainly dwellers of the country Guangxi and Guangdong provinces but still this dialect is a very rare used dialect. Mandarin is the most commonly used spoken language in China and this language are generally spoke throughout the whole country.