Be Clear about your Motive for Doing MBA

An economy marked by sluggish growth and rising joblessness in the country has made the job seekers desperate. Millions of graduates and post-graduates join the working mainstream looking for jobs that can justify their talent and education, but only 15 to 20 per cent find quality jobs. The rest 80 per cent of the population can either be divided into people doing jobs much beneath their qualification or having no jobs at all.  Organizations too operating in an immensely challenging business environment and dwindling profits have ceased hiring to a considerable extent further exacerbating the situation in the country.

There is a great disparity between demand and supply and it is not uncommon to see hundreds or even thousands of job aspirants desperately applying for a single good job opening in the market. Under these circumstances, obtaining a professional degree assumes added significance as it could help you stand out in the crowd and subsequently augment your chances of getting hired to a considerable extent. For those who are interested in management positions, an MBA degree from a good institute can easily help them fulfil their career aspirations.

MBA courses in Mumbai or for that matter anywhere else in India offered by a well-established business school could offer you valuable and meaningful education in a variety of streams like HR, Marketing, Systems, Finance, Operations, etc. You as an MBA student of course, can choose one which best complement your skills sets and aptitude. Some of the quality management institutes have also started offering dual specialization in their MBA program in the process allowing their students to accumulate more knowledge and be more productive.

However, before you proceed on with your plans of studying MBA, it is important to pay attention to two very important factors. First and foremost you need to be clear about your motive for doing MBA.  MBA as mentioned above is a highly in-demand and prestigious post graduate professional degree in management which can easily set you on a path to a fulfilling and highly rewarding career in management.  MBA graduates from established business schools attract top salary packages. You, however, would be committing a grave mistake as making loads of money is your sole criteria for opting for an MBA degree. There is no point in seeking admission in a program you have little knowledge about apart from a faint notion that you are probably going to get a good salary package at the end of successful completion of the degree.

The second important factor to consider is the overall quality and reputation of the business school. MBA is good for your career but only if it is pursued from a top rated business schools. It is important that you seek admission in a quality business school because high level business schools have the infrastructure, academic excellence, faculty, curriculum and expertise to offer you an education tailored to meet the needs of the marketplace. Majority of the top quality business schools in India offer admission based on your CAT score. However, there are quite a few quality institutes which offer MBA without CAT in Mumbai as well as other parts of the country. You can take the help of internet to find more about such management institutes.