How to Know if you Have a Termite Problem

There are very few things that are as stressful as having termites eating your home structure down to nothing. Termites can create an incredible amount of damage inside of your home if you are not on top of their presence. It can be hard to know that there are termites eating your wood unless you are aware of how to tell if you have termites inside of your home. Termite control is necessary, especially in older homes and you should check to see if you are in need often.

Signs of Termites


Have you noticed little insect wings around your yard, especially your windows? Termites are small flying bugs that look similar to an ant with very large wings. They shed their wings in the spring and they often do it near the windows of your home. If you start to notice little wings around your home you need to pay attention to the possibility of termites living inside of your home.


Your flooring may appear to have small blisters on it if it is being eaten by termites. If you have noticed small blister like bumps on the flooring in your home you should check on the underneath of the floor boards for damage. The termites will eat the flooring from the bottom up. You will find the damage on the underneath side of your floor.


Because termites are eating away at the inside of your walls, you may start to notice small cracks on your walls. As the walls begin to break down and change in structure from damage, the walls may crack. Cracks are a definite sign that you should check further for termites inside of your home.

Window Changes

Have your windows suddenly become difficult to open? Are you door suddenly not shutting like they have always done? As termites eat at the wood on the inside of your home things are going to shift and change. Window and door frames are set at exact measures in order to be sure that they open and close nicely. As the walls shift due to the damage from the termites your doors and windows are not going to close nicely. If you are looking to buy an older home you should always open and close the windows as it will be a good indicator as to if the structure of the home is still in good shape or if there is damage to the wood near those frames.

There are lots of different things that you can check for when you are looking to see if you may have termites living inside of your home, these are only a few examples. If you suspect that you may have termites inside, you should call a pest control company as soon as possible to be sure that the termites are taken care of and that you do not have to deal with bigger damages that are sure to follow.