How to Start Learning Guitar Today

Learning guitar is not an easy task for a beginner. It takes months for a beginner to learn the basics of the guitar. There are several approaches and techniques one should know about the guitar which will make the learning process easy and enjoyable. When someone is thinking to learn it today, then they should figure out the different ways which will not take much time to learn the guitar. The several ways are books, online videos, institutes, and coaching. Always starts with the easy trail-and-errors methods. A few listening skills will help you to move in a faster way.

Learn the tips and start playing guitar by today

  • The most dynamic tip for the beginners is to change their mindset. Every time experiment with your errors until the best sounds comes out your chords. Initially, several mistakes will occur but dealing with those on regular basis will make you perfect. No one is born with talents. Everyone put efforts and try hard to fulfill their dreams.
  • Never expect to learn everything in one day. Start with the basics and gradually move with the pace of the time. If someone directly jumps to the complex strings then it will surely create a problem for the beginners.
  • Figure out the music after listening to it and write it down somewhere. The process is called transcription. It offers space for the trial and error sessions and also provides meaningful suggestion between the hearing and playing.
  • Build up your vocabulary. Knowing the language is essential but it will create huge problem if you directly jump to the words without knowing about the letters. In between these, two steps were included. One learns about the letters and then words. After knowing the words move towards the tensions. Start from letters and then move forward.
  • Try to implement the known music in some other form which will sharpen your knowledge more about the underlying music theories for the chord progressions, various scales as well as for the keys.

Sources of learning the guitar


The markets are now flooding with an immense number of books which are best for the beginners to learn the guitar. Books are mostly preferred as they contain minute details with pictures about the guitar, its strings, chords and various methods to play it.


Apart from the books, the customers are also buying the DVDs of famous guitarist and they start their learning from the home itself. Some of the books are also available for a quick start of playing the guitar on the fast track. These have proved as the best way to learn as it has contained the step-by-step methods with visualization for improving your skills on guitar. The costs will be a major factor as DVDs are coming around more than hundred dollars.

Online videos:

There are several online channels available on the web where many renowned guitarists are sharing their experience along with various tips and suggestions to follow while playing guitar. They will motivate beginners who are willing to play guitar. Various trail classes are also provided by them in the videos.

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