Quran Memorization

Allah wants his people to memorize the Quran and has promised the most beautiful gifts forthose who memorize the Quran. Individuals who remember the Quran are known asHafiz-e-Quran. Hafiz-e-Quran has a higher status before Allah than the rest ofthe Muslims.

Prizes for the Hafiz:

Allah has guaranteed many gifts to Hafiz-e-Quran and afterward lives as demonstrated in the Quran. A few of those prizes are noticed underneath:

  • The Quran will vouch for the Hafiz on the Day of Judgment.
  • The Hafiz will live a life as per the lessons of Allah and will involve themselves constantly in the activities that would please Allah hence raising his count of good activities and further raising himself in eyes of Allah.
  • On the Judgment day, he and his parents would be asked to wear a special crown and a gown of honor.
  • He would be vouch for 7 people to go with him to heaven.
  • He would be given many blessings in return for a very small act of good.
  • He would be safe from the flame of hell.
  • He would be safe from the trials of Dajjal.
  • He will be given precedence while burying.
  • He will be among the best of the Ummah.
  • He will be safe from the destruction of the heart.
  • He will be protected from the schemes of Shaitan.
  • It will increase the expressing ability.
  • He will be free from any kind of physical and psychological diseases, as Surah Al-Fatiha        cures patients.

There are numerous Quran teaching foundations that are giving online facility to their students. My Quran Teaching institute additionally allows its students to get to online Quran classes. They are setting forth this type of a large number of online guides, Quran memorization is one in all them. This foundation is giving diverse favorable situations to its students. These include proficient and well-trained educators. Time slots may be scheduled in keeping with the benefit of the students. Students can get right to access their online lessons wherever and whenever. There is a monthly progress discussion with parents to make it easier for the students to make progress. An arrangement of a continuous test of the successfully learned parts is being taken via the educators to assure that students are prepared to learn new part or not. There is a revision session after a few days to guarantee that the students don’t forget the learned part.