What is Cognitive Psychology?

Cognition is a very complex process of thought processing and organization of the brain. Cognition is actually the processing of the random thoughts and information in the brain. Our consciousness is actually more striking and awe inspiring than it really ought to be. The consciousness is able to sort through the dizzying maze which we generally know as thought and is able to move through them, like one at a time and is able to process all the emotions in an organized train of thoughts.

Defining Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology, is nothing but the study of the mental processes, such as attention, use of language, memory, perception, ability to solve problems, creativity and last but not the least the ability to think.

Without much ado, here is a list and division of all our cognition skills.

  • Attention: The focus of a person while doing a certain task is known as attention. Attention can be divided as follows:
  • Sustained Attention: Sustained Attention allows us to stay attentive for a limited period of time.
  • Selective Attention: While concentrating on a particular task, selective attention actually helps you to stay focused on that particular task and blocks out the distractions.
  • Divided Attention: Divided Attention helps you to distribute your attention in different tasks and helps you to perform all the tasks to perfection. Thus, divided attention helps you in multi tasking.
  • Processing: Processing is the capacity of the brain to organize information. It helps us to work more effectively.
  • Visual Processing: The visual processing helps in thinking and visualising images and most importantly perceiving.
  • Auditory Processing: The auditory information helps you for processing, blending, analysing different types of segment.
  • Processing Speed: It allows to access information and process tasks with extreme accuracy. It also helps the brain to maintain speed.
  • Memory: Memory if to be defined in layman’s terms could be defined as the capacity of the brain to retain and reprocess all the information it has gathered.
  • Long Term Memory: Long Term Memory allows an individual to store and retain and recall all the information that was stored at a previous time.
  • Working or Short Term Memory: Short Term Memory lasts for around 15 to 30 seconds and this enables an individual to store information while one is in the process of using it right then.

So, these are the divisions of cognitive psychology which helps train brain and thought process.