Where is your communication dead appoint?

What time did you spend at school, especially during the period of psychological rebellion? What do you think is the most unbearable place for the teacher?

  1. Emotional instability, easy hysteria, mental stress on students.
  2. Specialized, do not listen to students.
  3. Unfair, favoring good students.
  4. Use violence against students.

Test results:

  1. You don’t know how to restrain your emotions. This choice is actually the natural exposure of self-defects. If you have something unsatisfactory, you will be hysterical, not loudly, or crying suddenly. Your way of self-expression is very naive and annoying. You must learn to restrain your emotions.
  2. You don’t know how to listen to others. You have leadership qualities and often play a decisive role in group activities. But you need to learn more from the people around you, otherwise no one will obey you.
  3. You are not good at expanding the circle of communication. You may have some manifestations of psychological panic disorder. Your communication range is easy to penetrate rather than expand. You often exclude people you hate from your own social circle. You are only willing to establish relationships with those who come to talk. So you have to understand fraternity.
  4. You are easy to hurt others. The way you do things is dangerous. Your shortcomings are rude and rude. Your problems are not only manifested in action, but also in language. If you have a bad attitude because of the bad attitude of the other party, it is often the case that you start to provoke. You must learn to pay attention to restraining your emotions.