Why You Must Visit Lapa on Your Trip to Rio de Janeiro

Many tourists miss out one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro simply because they do not know how to navigate it. Recognizing that Lapa is a true gem that should not be missed, the free tour Rio de Janeiro offers guests the chance to step right into this bohemian setting full of history, culture, and fun.

Experience the Culture

Lapa is known for its festive atmosphere. Walking among the graffiti lined streets, you will see how the arts infuse the climate. Everywhere you turn, Lapa is filled with music, art, and dancing. A home to artists, musicians, and poets, Lapa’s culture is welcoming and vibrant. For example, tourists can take in the 19th century buildings and listen to the collection of sounds from the various live bands playing in the clubs and bars throughout the neighborhood. So, it should come as no surprise that Lapa is referred to as the Montmartre of Rio.

Party with the Locals

A true trip to Rio de Janeiro should not be spent in a hotel room without celebrating life with the locals. A visit to Lapa is sure to give you a genuine taste for Cariocas (the locals) and an opportunity to see what makes them so full of life. You may come to find that the reason they are so full of effervescent energy is because of their love for dancing – samba, in particular. Their nightlife is unlike any other place you will visit, so a trip to Rio is not complete without drinking and dancing in one of the Lapa bars.

Learn the History

But, Lapa is not simply a place to party. The history of the neighborhood’s rise and fall and eventual resurrection makes it quite unique. A visit to Lapa means experiencing the nightlife, but also seeing mansions and the amazing aqueduct. Lapa should not be missed.