Deciding the Best Education for your Toddler

What are some things you consider when trying to decide the type of education you are going to provide for your toddler? It is safe to assume that any parent would want to provide the best care and education for your child. There are several things that parents think about and consider when trying to decide how they are going to educate their child and how it will affect them long term. 

For example, some parents may believe that keeping their child home schooled may be best for them, because of the one on one interaction they get from learning at home and the avoidance of the negative behaviors learned from other children in public schools. According to, National Home Education Research Institute (NHRI) there has been a significant increase in home schooled children in America, specifically about 2.3 million students, grade K-12. 

Again, there are many benefits to being home schooled, but there are also many negatives to that as well. For example, when children are home schooled, they are not able to experience social interactions with other children, meaning they will the necessary social skills needed to survive in today’s work forces. According to All About Parenting, one of the great disadvantages of home schooling is the fact that they will have less opportunities to learn how to form relationships with their peers. Your child may experience more isolation because they will be limited to only interacting with the people around them throughout the day, which is of course just family members. Children do need to be around others for them to learn how to socialize and build and keep friendships and relationships. 

Once a you decide if your child is going to be home schooled or attending a private or public school, you will need to start researching where your child will be attending school. Location and type of school make a difference. It will take some time to thoroughly research all the schools nearby to get a sense of what they are about and how well they will educate your child. You can start by conducting research online of the nearest school around; for example, you can search using a general search engine and type preschool redmond wa. You will get a list of schools in your area and take the time to make sure you thoroughly read through their websites and even take the time to make calls and speak to their principles of the school.

Decide on how you’re going to educate your child is never easy, in fact it is more of a challenge, because there is so much to think about. There will be so many negative thoughts running through your head from fear. It is important to slow down and think about your morals, beliefs, and what is most important to you and for family and what you would like for your child. Most importantly, think about what would make your child happy most.