Interesting Science Facts We Weren’t Taught In School

School is where we acquire a good portion of the knowledge we know about the world we live in. What we learn in school sets the foundation for all the different things we study in our life. From topics like Atomic Structure, periodic table, and astrophysics there are many fun and interesting facts which teachers really didn’t have the time in school to tell us due to the massive syllabus they had to cover. Well, here I have stated some of the interesting facts about our universe which most of us never really got to learn in school.

  • Water can freeze and boil at the same time: Ever heard of the concept of triple point? In case you don’t, it is the condition of temperature and pressure wherein the three main states of a substance (gas, liquid, solid) can coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium. The conditions required for the water, water vapor and ice to coexist are 611.2Pa of pressure and 273.16K (0.01°C, 32.01°F) of temperature. At these conditions, we can shift between the 3 states with infinitesimal changes in temperature and pressure.
  • A Laser beam travels through water: We have all had a childhood wherein we played with laser, either on those toy guns or just a laser pointer. If you happen to pass a laser beam through a narrow stream of water, the laser beam will follow the water stream rather than break out into air like how regular light does. This can be explained on the basis of total internal reflection.
  • Interplanetary Probes traveling beyond our solar system: With massive distances separating the celestial bodies in our solar system, investigating them isn’t something that can get over in a jiffy. It takes months of space-time just to get to them, then communicating with that probe again takes a good amount of time. NASA launched its 5th space probe capable of leaving the solar system called New Horizons. Launched in 2006, passed Jupiter in 2007 and Pluto in 2015. To find new horizons, the probe is moving at the speed of around 36,000 mph to the Kuiper Belt.
  • How cats always land on their feet: We have all heard how cats always land on their feet. This is majorly due to their flexible backbone and their righting reflex. Cats have their technique mastered when it comes to falling on their feet when falling. Their technique can be broken down into a few simple steps. First, they bend their backbone such that their front and back halves form separate axes. Then they tuck in or push out their feet such that, the moment of inertia of the separate halves can be altered with the respective set of front or back paws and help them land safely.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the many facts of science which we didn’t have a chance in school to learn more about. To know more fun facts and discuss them, check out our physics and chemistry forum and also, check out this YouTube channel for more fun facts-