Top 7 Migration Plugins for WordPress Website

When it comes to WordPress website migration, it becomes essential to consider several crucial aspects. You may require a certain level of technical expertise. They can help you from backing up the data to copying files, content and images into your directory structure.

There are plenty of reasons for WordPress site migration, which includes:

  • Moving a site to a new web host
  • Shifting a local installation to a live server, and
  • Cloning a site to work on it locally.

Doing this task manually could leave you in a troubling situation. A site usually contains hundreds of posts, pages and images that make the migration process time-consuming and reckless. This could increase the risk of losing data and also make the site unavailable if you move it incorrectly.

Instead of doing this manually, you can opt for a dedicated WordPress migration plugin that can help you move your site from one location to other, without heavy lifting.

With that in mind, we bring you the list of seven most powerful WordPress Migration Plugins that are running successively on the market.

1. All-in-one WP Migration

With over 100,000 active downloads, All-in-one WP Migration has become one of the most reliable migration plugin for WordPress.

Use this plugin to export your database, content, media files, installed themes and plugins safely to other location, without any hassle. It includes an export screen that contains options for text to apply unlimited find and replace operations on your database. It also let you solve any serialization problem that appears during the find/replace operations.

To an addition, All-in-one WP plugin has the ability to work on all hosting provider as it doesn’t depend on any extensions. It exports and imports data in matter of 3 seconds – helps in saving a lot of time and effort.

It is also featuring the chunking of data both on export and import of data to keep the plugin from timing out and also bypasses upload size limitations.

2. Duplicator

Duplicator is one of the most popular WordPress plugin. This plugin goes beyond the WordPress site migration process and gives you the flexibility to copy, clone and move an entire site from one location to another.

It is currently boasted over 700,000 active installs because of its high-quality features and advanced functions. It also supports both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement.

Duplicator plugin is ideally used for moving production sites down to your local machine for validation and testing procedures. It also works fine for developing locally and then moving it to a production server for website updates.

3. WP Migrate DB

Why people love WP Migrate DB? Because it strives to offer unique and advanced features to their users – it holds different approach to migration.

Rather than exporting files and creating an archive, it exports the site database that you saved on your desktop computer as an SQL file. Thereafter, a database management tool is needed to import the file into an existing WP database in order to complete the migration of WordPress installation.

WP Migrate DB plugin is available both in free and premium versions. You can download the free version from the WordPress plugin repository. But if you are looking for advanced features, you should go with pro version. The price of this plugin starts from $90.

In the pro version, you will get locate and replace options to manage serialized data, push and pull databases, and even gets a backup of your database before the migration.

4. Updraft Plus

More than 2 million of websites downloaded this plugin

Updraft Plus is an excellent WordPress plugin, letting you backup, copy, clone and transfer entire WordPress site (including its database, media files, themes, and plugins) without any risk.

It supports cloud storage by default to let you provide automatic scheduled backups in a matter of few minutes. You can further restore from a backup into an existing site. Replacing plugins, themes, and other content directories are as simple as clicking a button. You can even split your site in multiple archives for better migration.

The Updraft Plus plugin is also available in the premium version, in which, you will get extra storage locations, multisite support, multiple site licenses, database encryption and of course, premium support. It also features a one-click site clone and migration tool to let you copy a site and clone it at a new location.

5. WP Clone

WP Clone is one of the easiest and secure ways of migrating or duplicating a WordPress site to a new location (new domain or hosting server).

This plugin prioritizes the security while moving a WordPress installation from one location to another. You can create copies of your existing site for testing and develop procedures. However, the plugin by default copies just the user content and database, which automatically speeds up the entire WordPress site migration process.

Even, it avoids uploads problems by accessing the existing site backup over a direct HTTP connection.

Overall, WP Clone is an ideal plugin for securely moving a WP site to another domain or hosting server.

6. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is not only an amazing backup plugin but has all the advanced functions to let you move your WordPress site from one location to another like a breeze.

It creates complete backups of your WordPress database, media library, plugins and theme files. Backups are generated on an automated schedule and you can store the files offsite destinations including Dropbox, Rackspace, FTP, Cloud, and email.

Despite WordPress backups, it also provides easy and quick migration feature. You can easily migrate your site from one server or domain to another one. For that, you need to generate a new database and fill up that database credentials when you import.

Note: The price of BackupBuddy starting from $80

7. VaultPress

Vault Press is a premium solution for WordPress backups and migration. It not only offers WordPress site migration function, but also creates automatic backups and run several security scans.

Plus, it synchronizes each and every post, media file, comment, revision and also your dashboard settings. It makes it easy to browse the history of backups and download your database archives while uploading the plugins and theme into your site.

It also scans your site in order to detect any malicious code that might be available in your installed theme or plugin and removes it from your site.


That’s all.

Today, we mentioned the seven best migration plugins for WordPress that can help you migrate your site’s database, media files, and plugins, uploads and themes from one domain/hosting server to another one, without any technical assistance.

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